Addium is by far the most complex and effective cerebral enhancement product in the world. It surges the brain with an amazing burst of clarity that kicks in almost instantly and lasts for hours upon hours.


Key benefits include…


Addium is the perfect alternative to caffeine, as it is more effective without ever causing any negative side effects. Zero crash, zero jitters, 100% zoom. Throw out the coffee and adderall. You won't need them.


Once Addium kicks in, your brain will become clearer, you will feel yourself becoming more alert, you will be able to process data more efficiently, and you will also be able to easily retain all of this information.


All of the benefits of Adderall, none of the side effects. Addium has been scientifically proven to drastically increase focus, and is thus believed to be a superb alternative to prescription medications.


The secret to success is action, and the secret to action is motivation. Within one month of taking Addium, my business had exploded into new territories, due to my extreme increase in motivation and action.

How does a discounted bottle sound?


In the movie Limitless (2011), Bradley Cooper finds a miracle smart pill that turns him into the best, most driven, most brilliant version of himself. The creators of the film admitted to taking their inspiration for the script from the real-life Addium, which is well known in celebrity circles.


My journey with Addium has always reminded me of that movie. You see, I was just out of college, starting my first company, and failing miserably. I had always been determined to make my dreams a reality, but had consistently screwed up at every turn. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I lacked the level of energy, focus, and motivation I needed to materialize my aspirations. Addium solved all three of those problems within three weeks. I kid you not.


I started working harder, faster, and smarter. I woke up every morning with a new kind of energy and drive that I had never known before. Within two months of taking Addium, I had tripled my income, started two new successful companies, and become the man I had always envisioned myself becoming.

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Addium combines highly effective, rare and powerful chemicals called TYROSINE, GABA, BACOPA MONNIERI, ALPHA GPC, VINPOCETINE, and HUPERZINE A, which have an incredible impact on mental function, creating a massive increase in drive, clarity, and competence.


TYROSINE (L-tyrosine) aids in the creation of specific neurotransmitters that promote mental alertness, while GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that prevents over-excitement so the user remains calm and focused with relaxed energy. BACOPA M. increases cerebral blood flow and cognitive function simultaneously.


ALPHA GPC ensures proper functioning of all internal neurotransmission, and VINPOCETINE improves the brain’s employment of glocuse (increasing ATP energy production), while HUPERZINE A inhibits acetylcholinesterase (the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine).


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